Skating parents, imagine your skater circling around for 15 minutes of a 1 hour session not attempting a jump. Just skating around, setting up for a jump but completely bailing before the take off or popping it altogether, over and over again. That is 1/4 of every session spent wasting time! Time that translates into your money, your sanity, and your skater’s frustration. 

Let’s break this down…


Ice time is expensive! If you pay $25 per hour for ice time, that is $6.25 per session spent on circling/popping. If your skater skates 2 session per day, 6 days per week that is $300 per month! There is also the money spent in lesson with her/his coach to add to this. You get the picture. 

Your Sanity

Sitting through a practice watching your skater bail on jumps is one of the most difficult things you can watch. You want to see them practicing their best, instead you are witnessing a mind-body struggle that creates self-doubt in their ability to do the elements they can do. 

Skater’s Frustration

Circling/popping is one of the most frustrating bad habits that skaters struggle with. Every time your skater engages in this habit her/his frustration level increases. As frustration increases, practice productivity goes down. Add competition prep into the mix and you have a recipe for overwhelm.

Now, imagine your skater could learn to overcome that awful habit of circling/popping and you could help provide them with the tools to make that happen. Would it be possible to place a price on what those tools could be worth to your skater?

Mental training is that gift. I help skaters everyday replace their bad habit of popping/circling with the productive habit that they once knew very well, attempting the jump every time. Teaching conscious practice techniques is one of the most successful skills I have found to overcome this.

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