As a parent, do you wait until after your skater is injured to start encouraging them to warm up, and enrolling them in stretch and fitness training? NO! So why would you wait until there is a confidence issue or inconsistency in performance to start training their mind? 

The #1 myth I hear parents believing about mental training is….

My skater needs to have a PROBLEM before we start mental training 

Many times parents approach me with this question, “does my skater need mental training YET”? My answer is always the same, “mental training is best used as a preventative measure, before there is a problem”.  In those early years, skating is about having fun. Competition is an exciting family event and your skater focuses on doing his/her best in a low pressure environment. However, as they approach their teen years, and after experiencing success, the focus widens to include what people around them think. Suddenly their performance in competition is affected by what their  coach, you, and their peers might think. 

This was a problem I faced as a young skater, one I helped my own skaters overcome when I was coaching, and now one I see on a consistent basis with skaters who come to me for support. You know skating becomes a BIG DEAL for your athletes. They train hard physically and are emotionally invested in their performance. Giving them the tools to navigate this transition and find joy and accomplishment in their skating is key. Mental training is a means to developing these tools. 

Message me to enquire about scheduling a discovery call. This is a great opportunity to “try on” a session with me and see if it is a good fit.

Until next time,

Keep your Brain in the Game!
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