Have you ever really thought about the way you talk to yourself?  If you are like most young athletes harsh words, puts downs, self-doubt, and judgement are just a few of the examples of language you use with yourself.  Can you imagine using this language with a friend on the ice?  What do you think would happen?  They would probably start to dislike you, spend less time with you, stop being your friend altogether!  I am sure you probably couldn’t even imagine talking to another person in this way right?

So why is it ok to talk to yourself in a self-deprecating way but absolutely not acceptable to do this to others?

The answer is….it isn’t ok!! and it needs to stop NOW!

This kind of talk will never help you achieve your goals in skating. It will never get you where you want to go in life.  Instead, start treating yourself like you treat others and like you expect others to treat you.


…when you are falling on the 100th attempt of the jump, judging yourself for taking so long to master it.

…when you can’t understand why it seems so easy for all the other skaters and you are struggling.

…when you let your nerves get the better of you in competition.

…when you think you are too fat, too thin, too muscular, too tall, too short, not pretty enough.

…when you can’t understand why this is happening to you.

…when you feel so frustrated you could scream, cry, kick the boards, etc!

I, personally have been there as a skater and as a skating coach.  Understand that ALL skaters have been through or are currently experiencing similar hardships and…Remember to practice COMPASSION, PATIENCE, and LOVE toward yourself!

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