Cause > Effect

Above is a simple equation that can dramatically change the way we view our performance, both on and off the ice.

If you are on the EFFECTS side of the equation then you allow outside factors to control your performance and you always have a reason for why you didn’t get what you wanted ie.

“if only my mom brought the right tights to practice today I would have skated better”, “if only the ice was set up like my home ice I wouldn’t have forgotten my program”, etc.

However, when you are on the CAUSE side of the equation you take ownership and believe that you have created your performance, both the good and the bad, and YOU have the power to change it ie.

“maybe mom doesn’t realize which tights i like to practice in so next time I have to pack my bag the night before”, “every ice surface is different and I know that I can get distracted by this so next competition I am heading to the rink early to check it out and do a visual run through of my program”, etc.
The road to Empowered Performance begins with YOU taking ownership for the results you create, both on and off the ice!

And it all starts by asking yourself the simple question….
“what side of the equation am I on?”

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