At this time I am sure you are all aware of the coaching changes that are happening in our wonderful little world of figure skating. One of the most talked about is, of course, Medvedeva leaving Eteri to train in Canada with Brian Orser. Despite how lightly the media shares this information it is important to recognize that this is a major time of transition for skaters. With transition comes emotional ups and down, second guessing decisions and overall discomfort.


The relationship you build with your skating coach is like no other. I believe that the athlete/coach relationship is stronger and deeper than in any other sport because of the constant one-on-one connection that is built over time. Whether the relationship is positive or negative in the end it is still difficult to walk away. Once the decision is made there are many mental Do’s and Don’ts to consider to help make the move a successful one from the start.




Do…communicate what works for you

Don’t…expect your coach to magically change all your old bad habits

Do…expect to miss your old coach sometimes

Don’t…compare your NEW coach to your OLD one 

Do…focus on all the great skills your new coach brings.

Don’t…give up if you aren’t seeing major results right away

Do…pat yourself on the back for stepping way outside your comfort zone

Don’t…feel you are stuck….YOU ARE NEVER STUCK! – there are always options


Remember, change is a beautiful thing when you have the right mindset!

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