Moving into 2019, my focus is on how I can serve skaters, coaches and parents better.

I am excited to inform you that I will be offering….

Workshops – Workshops are offered to skating clubs, either in person or online. Typically the skaters are grouped by age or level. 2 hours with each group is the suggested amount of time to focus on developing an understanding of how mindset impacts performance.Sessions are interactive and fun, with powerpoint teaching, group discussion and worksheets. Skaters will learn skills to optimize goal setting, control competition nerves, break bad habits of popping and circling on jumps, and get in the zone while competing and testing. Doesn’t get more convenient than that!

Mind-Body Performance E-Course – I am creating an e-course focused on achieving peak athletic performance. This will include the many tips and tools I share with skaters during my workshops, group coaching and private coaching programs. This is a great accompaniment to these programs if you have already participated and can serve as a constant resource to keep you expanding your mind well after your coaching program has finished. It is also a great introduction to training your mind for those who are new to this concept.

Mental Training for Summer Schools – mental training is part of developing a well-rounded athlete. I will be offering my services to Summer Schools looking to add a MENTAL TRAINING COMPONENT to their regular off-ice schedule. The set-up for this would be the same as I offer in my Group Coaching program: an organized seminar using Zoom. Weekly or bi-weekly would allow for consistency and opportunity work would be presented to the skaters to complete each week to train and expand their skills.

Keep an eye out for these fantastic programs, along with my private Mind-Body Performance and Performance Pods programs, I will be offering in the New Year!

Thank you to all of you who consistently read my newsletters, have joined my Facebook community,  recommended me for your skaters, and hired me to support your children as they learn to train their minds.

I am truly grateful to be part of the team of professionals that support young skaters in pursuit of their dreams!

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