As we begin a new year, it is important to reflect on the one that has just passed. Too often athletes set a goal, work hard, and by the time they accomplish the goal they are on to the next one. Without taking a moment to celebrate the win, you may quickly find yourself experiencing goal fatigue. 

List accomplishments

You can combat goal fatigue by setting aside sometime before the end of January to make a list of all your accomplishments in 2022. These can include landing a jump, achieving a personal best score, skating clean, qualifying for a competition, improving spin positions, etc. Remember, no win is too small to note. Pat yourself on the back for all you have achieved.

Goals for 2023

Now it is time to start dreaming of all you want to achieve in 2023! Start brainstorming and writing down your goals, selecting skills from all areas of your sport. Keep the goals well balanced.  Goals are nothing without clear action steps. What do you need to do daily/weekly to accomplish your goals? For example, off-ice jumps twice per week, committing to 10 minutes of spins at the end of the practice, 1-2 run throughs of the program each day, etc. 

Quarterly Planning

Instead of trying to achieve all your goals in the first few months of 2023, break your year down into 4 quarters. Q1 is Jan.1 – March 31, Q2 is April 1 – June 31, Q3 is July 1 – Sept. 31, and Q4 is Oct.1 – Dec. 31. Divide your goals between the 4 quarters so that you can give each goal the focus it requires. 

Remember to reflect before you goal set. If you would like support with this, please reach out. I would love to help you!

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