Moving away from Perfectionism and toward ‘Enoughism’

Posted by Rebekah Dixon on Tuesday, October 11, 2016


How do we teach skaters to cope with the struggles of perfectionism?

Don’t Define Yourself by How You Skate!

It is about learning to define yourself not by the way you skate but by who you are as a person.  So much of the work I do teaches skaters the skills to improve athletic performance, as well as, life performance.  The skills that they learn follow them throughout their pursuits in their lives.  This is what gets me excited!

You Are Enough!

I love the work by Brene Brown!  especially the book ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’.  In this book she talks about moving away from perfectionism and moving toward ‘enoughism’.  This means that you are enough, no matter what! You are not defined by your best performance and you are not defined by your worst performance.  No matter what happens out on the ice you are still an incredible, intelligent, beautiful human being.

Your Best on the Day is Enough!

Moving past perfectionism is also about believing that your best on that day is enough.  You train so hard for competition and sometimes you go out and the performance falls short.  You can go over it 1 million times in your head but the best step is to accept it.  These performances teach us our biggest lessons. Learn the lessons you are meant to learn and take that into the next performance to make it better….always knowing that you are enough!

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