I am sure you are enjoying watching the Olympic skating! I can’t help but notice how often the commentators say, “it is all mental”, “it is 90% mental”, “it is 99% mental”!! Every performance, whether the skater is skating great or not, Kurt Browning is referencing the skater’s brute mental strength….or lack there of.

A strong mindset was obvious when, in the pairs long, Meagan Duhamel touched down on the triple lutz and then 10 seconds later landed that beautiful quad sal to win the bronze medal. Whereas, a weak mindset seemed to be the case for Nathan Chen and many of the men in the team short, as each of their programs unraveled after the first jump was missed. Seemingly they allowed the first mistake to knock them off their game.

Getting and staying in the zone during a performance is the missing piece of the puzzle for many skaters. Learning to use keywords correctly to focus the mind on the present moment is an one of the most important skills I teach.

Getting in the Zone Strategy

Flood the mind with your keywords + complete the element + detach from the emotions + let it go

Cycle through this system as you mentally check off each element in your program.

If you would like to make this strategy work for you send me a message. 


Until next time,

Keep your brain in the game!

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