Your CAA

Do you know your Confident Athlete Avatar? CAA is an acronym I have coined that is short for Confident Athlete Avatar. I have been using this tool with my athletes a lot lately, especially since returning to training after the Christmas holidays. As a team, we flesh out the CAA profile by first answering the following four questions:

  • How does my CAA behave?
  • How does my CAA think?
  • How does my CAA stand?
  • What does my CAA say?

CAA and Mental Strength

For many of my athletes, they experienced this state recently and it is easier to recall. If it is part of your recent track record take note. Remember, perfect performances are not a necessary characteristic of your Confident Athlete Avatar. Instead, it is best expressed in the way an athlete handles the setbacks and disappointment, how quickly they get back up after a fall, their ability to put it all into perspective. This is also the true expression of mental strength.

Fake It

Once you identify your Confident Athlete Avatar, work on integrating these characteristics into practice. I often tell my athletes, this may take a bit of “fake it till you make it” magic and this is completely OK! You have been there before, so you can get there again.

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