With the recent change in rules for scoring spins, I have heard many of my skaters complain. 

“I will never be able to get a level 4 spin now”, “the rules make it impossible”, “this is not fair!” These are just a few of the complaints I have heard. I understand their frustration. Just when they were getting used to the old rules, new ones were put in place, forcing the athletes to be creative and step outside their comfort zone. Maybe you have felt this way yourself?

Here are two questions you can ask to work through change…

What can i learn?

When things change it is natural to reminisce about the old way and criticize the new. Focusing on challenges the change presents, puts you into a negative mindset spiral pretty quickly. This can create an unnecessary hurdle and mental block to overcome. Instead of dwelling on what you can no longer do, focus on the new things you can learn from this change. Rule changes will make you a more versatile athlete. Remember, stepping outside your comfort zone always builds your confidence.

what can I control?

Although you cannot control changes to the rules, you can always control your mindset. How you view these changes and the way you choose to speak to yourself, will impact the development of the skills necessary to be successful. You have accomplished new skills in the past, you can do it again. Remind yourself of this. Plan your practice sessions so you spend extra time on these skills. Take the proactive approach of setting the practice goal, giving it a timeframe, determining how you will measure your progress and assessing whether you accomplished it or not.

Seek out the help of a mental trainer, like myself to help you navigate changes with ease and confidence. It is always easier to achieve your goals when you work with someone to keep you motivated and accountable.

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