This weekend we Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving. This long weekend always feels so special, giving thanks for all the family, friends and gifts we have been given. It is a good reminder of the importance of showing gratitude all season long. Athletes who also show gratitude can experience the benefit everyday in practice.

What you choose to focus on is what you create, so if you emphasize your mistakes you will continue to make more. Whereas, when you focus on what you did well in practice and even show gratitude for it, you continue to invite more positive practices into your day to day routine. 

Awhile back I did a video on how gratitude can impact your performance. 

You can watch it here.
–> How Gratitude can Improve Practice and Performance

Here are a few key points from the video:

Focusing on the Negative

Negative parts of your practice and performance create negative thoughts and those negative thoughts tend to be the stickiest in your mind. Negative thoughts occupy your mind and are what you often share when asked how your practice went.

When you understand the concept that…


 Then you get a better understanding of how a….

 Negative Thought -> Negative Feeling -> Negative Behavior

You can see how by focusing on what went wrong during your practice or performance you continue to create more of that behavior on the ice. 

So how can you break free of this cycle of behavior?


Purchase a journal that you can keep by your bed at night. Before bed, write down at least 3 things that went well during your practice that day. There are a range of things you can include in your journal. For example…

  • “I had a great lesson with my coach”
  • “My friend complimented me”
  • “I landed my double axel for the first time clean”

As long as it is POSITIVE and FOCUSED ON YOU, you can include it in your journal. 

A gratitude journal works because it allows you to focus on and show gratitude for the things that went well during practice. You then attract more of that positive energy into your life and into your performance.

Start implementing this simple tool today and notice the effects it has on your performance and mood. COMMENT and SHARE WITH ME how practicing gratitude has helped you/your skater. If you feel this information could benefit others, please SHARE.

Until next time,

Keep Your Brain in the Game!

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