How are you feeling about your first competition of the season?


For many of you, that is quickly approaching and you may be a bit bewildered to believe that it is only a few weeks away. Whether you are feeling prepared or not, there is a mindset shift that can help you to feel ready. This is an idea I have been sharing with all of my skaters recently.


Let’s put it into perspective, the competitive season is like a marathon. Your goal is to peak at your most important comp. That means your first comp. of the season is going to look very different and should also carry different expectations than your peak comp. Consider your first comp. of the season an opportunity to lay down a strong foundation. The foundation needs to be strong and solid so that you can continue to build upon it.


Start planning your season by asking yourself these questions:
  1. At what comp. do I want to peak?
  2. What are my performance goals for my peak comp.?
  3. How many months do I have before my peak comp.?
  4. How many comps. are there before then?
  5. Where am I now and where do I want to be by peak comp.?


Now consider where you are in your training; starting back after a break, continuing on from spring skating, coming back after an injury. Goals for your first comp. will look different depending on this, however I believe the best foundation goal for your first comp. is:


To attack and go for every element!


That means jump and rotate! None of the popping and circling that tends to happen early in the season. Go for everything! Get your elements called! This will solidify the beginning of a strong season.

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