I am sure you have heard the old saying, “fake it till you make it”.  The idea that all you have to do is ‘pretend’ you know what you are doing and eventually you will learn how to do it. For skaters this is a perfect way to pursue goals.  Simply put, set goals for yourself and immediately start acting like you’ve already achieved them and you will speed up the process of turning those goals into reality on the ice!

3 simple ways to start ‘faking it till you make it’

  1. Start talking to yourself like you have already achieved the goal – Feed your mind the thoughts you want it to think. An example of this is saying to yourself, “I land the toe loop every time, with incredible speed and flow” or “my program is skated strong with expression and connection”.
  2. Feeling the feelings that you would expect to feel when you have achieved the goal – Identify what those feelings are for you.  Happy, proud, excited!  Once you have identified those feelings then you can start to experience them.  The best way to recreate those feelings is to remember a time when you felt incredibly happy, proud or excited.  Recall that memory and feel the feelings, see the things you saw and hear the sounds that you heard when you felt that way.
  3. Show gratitude for the things you have not yet achieved – Using your positive gratitude journal,  include things that you wish to happen but haven’t yet. Showing gratitude for the things that haven’t yet happened allow you to start co-creating with the universe and speed up the time it takes to manifest these dreams on this ice.


Until next time,

Keep your Brain in the Game!

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