Two foot landings on jumps is a really frustrating habit that many skaters are dealing with.  In order to fix this habit you must first understand how habits work.

Habits are housed in the unconscious mind.  When you repeat an action over and over it soon becomes a habit.  The good thing about habits is that once you identify one that isn’t working for you, you have the ability to break it and recreate a better, more productive habit that is aligned with your goals.

Her are 2 ideas you can start using today to break down the habit of 2 foot landings:

  1. Use visualization – visualize yourself doing the jump cleanly on one foot, seeing it through your own eyes.  If you catch yourself making the mistakes you do in practice go back and fix this.  Visualization is meant to be practiced daily to have the greatest impact.
  2. Incorporate key words into each element – problems occur when we focus on too many things going into jumps.  Key words help to focus you. Some examples of conventional key word include: up, right side, tight.  Sometimes skaters create non-conventional key words.  If you had the opportunity to listen to the interview I did with Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford after the World Championships they shared an example of a non-conventional key word they use on the throw quad sal.  They say, “around Sylvie”.  This refers to their coach Sylvie who will stand in a certain place by the boards when they are practicing the throw quad sal.  This helps them to stay on pattern to land the throw perfectly.

Start incorporating these ideas today and comment below or email me to let me know how they are helping you!


Until next time, keep your brain in the game!


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