Last spring I had the INCREDIBLE opportunity to interview Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford after they won their second World Championship.  In reviewing this interview, I realize there are SO many golden nuggets of wisdom they shared that can help YOU improve your skating.  I decided to highlight one in particular.

In this 3 minute clip we talk about ‘skating in the moment’ or ‘in the zone’.  How skaters are often thinking in the future about what might happen or in the past about things that have happened, holding them back from really being present in their performance.  Eric shares how they would already be thinking about the side-by-side lutzes while in their starting pose waiting for the music to begin.

He reflects on when it didn’t work it was because they were ahead of themselves instead of letting it go, being centered and staying in the moment where they could access everything they needed.

Meagan comments on how over the last 6 years they have had to relearn the same lesson so many times. She would ask herself, “didn’t I already learn this lesson”?,  “why do I have to go through this again”?, “I should have already learned my lesson from past experiences”. Meagan concludes that this is what is going to happen continuously.

You need to keep relearning how to stay in the moment and training the mind and body to be in the moment to allow yourself to create the magic of being in the zone.

A powerful lesson that you and your skaters can really learn from!

Until Next Time,

Keep Your Mind in the Game

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