Most skaters believe that they will feel more confident once they land a certain jump or if they are skating clean programs leading up to a competition…but in reality this is probably not true. Truth is, the most incredibly successful athletes in the world still struggle with confidence and to DO IT WHEN IT COUNTS!!

In actuality it is not about how confident you are, but rather whether you continue to move forward in the face of FEAR and DISCOMFORT…or not.

Like a turtle, do you retract back into your shell at the first sign of discomfort or do you continue to move through the fear? Do you get hung up on something not feeling just right leading to overanalyzing or do you use your keywords and training focus to keep you in the zone? 

Act Despite Fear

If you continually act despite your fear or discomfort you will teach yourself how to be brave and establish this behaviour as a habit. There is no magic to bravery, it takes continuous commitment and practice to establish any behaviour as a habit. However, once a habit is formed it becomes automatic and flows.

Being BRAVE is what really differentiates the “GREATS” from everyone else!
You can be a GREAT!

Until Next Time,

Keep your Brain in the Game!

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