Lately I have been approached by more and more skaters who struggle with practice consistency and nerves. This is where your practices fluctuate from day to day or even practice to practice, creating unpredictability that can cause a lot of frustration especially around competition time.

Every skater seems to have that one jump that when they go to warm it up, causes them to experience tension, apprehension, nervousness. Often that jump can “make or break” an entire session. When that jump goes well it is a good day and when it is a struggle it is a bad day.

Do you or your skater have a jump like this? If so, I have created a script you can use to strengthen your practice mindset and overcome this struggle. 

You fill in the blanks.

“I am stepping on the ice, ready to practice at my highest level. I go through the doubles easily and as I approach the ______________________ my body feels…____________________________________

I hear my critical voice say…___________________

I feel negative emotions like…____________________

Although my body and mind are experiencing these reactions I know I can do all these jumps because I have done them before. 

In the past, my best practices felt______________________________

I thought_______________________________

I reframed any negative thoughts with___________________________________

I trust my training. 

I feel supported in my training environment and know that all my coaches believe in me. I believe in myself! All the greatest accomplishments come from stepping outside my comfort zone. Today I will step outside my comfort zone and go for all the jumps. I go for the jumps and they feel easy and effortless.
I commit to jumping and rotating. I have nothing to lose. I take the risk and attempt the__________________ and am pleasantly surprised with how well it goes. I have a productive, positive, purpose driven practice. I can create more of these.” 

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