As a young skater growing up in Cape Breton, Canada I had big dreams of competing Internationally, going to Worlds and eventually the Olympics! Unfortunately, the belief was that you could never make it living in our little community. There weren’t the resources, the training or the level of coaches required to get you there. My role models were the Canadian Ladies who were competing at Worlds and the Olympics, however even they seemed to struggle with having the technical difficulty and mental training to be competitive internationally.

Our beliefs about our own lack of ability, geography, and resources impose an invisible glass ceiling on our pursuits, whether athletic, academic, or career focused. Having few role models demonstrating that your goals can become a reality also reinforces this ceiling.

For decades this was the case in Ladies Figure Skating, but not anymore! At this World Championships, Kaetlyn Osmond and Gabrielle Daleman proved that Canadian Ladies have the superior technical ability and mental strength to “do it when it counts”! They have set a new standard for Canadian Ladies Figure Skating and I believe have become role models for every little Canadian girl, from even the most rural area, with big skating dreams.

I challenge you to identify your own “self-imposed beliefs” that limit what you can do. If Kaetlyn and Gabrielle can, not only break through but shatter the glass ceiling on Ladies Figure Skating in Canada, then you can overcome any obstacles standing in the way of your dreams…especially the mindset ones!

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