When you come up against a challenging situation, fear can often get in the way. Discomfort masks itself as fear when you try to do things differently than before. Your unconscious mind may race with thoughts of “what if” and future thinking that create physical reactions in the body. Your future thoughts are like a child’s imagination, creating vivid images of worst case scenarios. Isn’t it incredible how just imagining these scenarios can cause your heart to race, your body to shake and butterflies in your stomach? This is proof that your mind controls your body!

Step Outside your Comfort Zone

During this challenging time, I have been encouraging my athletes to recognize when they step outside their comfort zone. Your comfort zone is that place where you do the same things each day that create the same results. Performing in your comfort zone keeps you playing a small game. It feels uncomfortable to step outside your comfort zone, however it is incredibly rewarding. When you step outside your comfort zone you essentially bust through the wall of fear that has been created. Once on the other side of fear, you feel liberated and confident, often reflecting on how that wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be.

Busting through the Wall of Fear

Busting through your wall of fear can be simply answering a question in front of your peers and coach during an online session. Your fear will lie to you, imagining you embarrassing yourself by answering incorrectly. However, if you ask the question despite the fear you will be pleasantly surprised when you get the answer correct and boost your confidence. It is important to recognize when you step outside your comfort zone, especially during this time away from training. Pat yourself on the back! You expanded your comfort zone which helps you become a more “go with the flow”, adaptable athlete. Traits that will be an advantage in competition.

Take this time to practice expanding your own comfort zone. You will notice how you continue to build your confidence during an otherwise uncertain time.

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