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10 Reasons Mental Training at the Club Level is a MUST!

Since the Canadian National Championships I recognize the importance of pursuing the mission to make mental training part of every athletes off-ice routine. The need to take a preventative, proactive approach to mental training, making it accessible to all skaters...

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The Biggest Mental Struggle at Canadian Nationals

I always leave competitions with lots of inspiration and ideas to help improve my skater's mental game. This year's Canadian National Championships was full of those. After spending the entire week in the arena there was one mental mistake that stood out to me most:...

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5 Mistakes you may be making with Your Skater

1. Focusing on their Mistakes Most skaters are perfectionists so they already focus on their flaws. When you point them out this only emphasizes the obvious and makes them feel worse. It can be very easy to notice the mistakes on a jump or in a program. Model the kind...

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Hi, I'm Rebekah. I help skaters improve their performance by strengthening their mindset. Please check out my blog, sign up to my mailing list, or follow me on social media for inspiration.

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2 days ago

Rebekah Dixon


A 8 weeks group mental training program for figure skaters. Learn to...

- control competition nerves
- build unshakeable confidence
- create achievable goals
- get in the zone and develop your competition mindset
- consistently perform your best when it counts

~Start Date: Sunday Sept. 8/19
~2 Time Slots: 6pm or 645pm EST
~5 spots available in each group
~30 minute coaching call each week
~Cost: $400 per skater

Message me to claim your spot or find out more information!
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1 week ago

Rebekah Dixon

This graphic explains it so well! ... See MoreSee Less

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