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It’s My passion To help skaters perform their best when it counts.

About me

As a child growing up in Cape Breton, Canada, figure skating was my passion. When I say passion I mean I “ate, drank, and breathed” skating!! When I wasn’t training at the rink, I was at the gym or watching VHS recordings of my most recent competitions to improve my skills. Being “Becky – the skater” became my identity. The sport had a huge impact on my day to day well being: when skating was good I was good and when I was struggling on the ice I experienced lots of negative feelings about myself. Like most skaters I struggled with perfectionism, competition nerves and confidence. At the height of my career I was landing double axels and triples and was competing in Junior Ladies….always physically prepared for competition but many times allowing my negative self-talk and lack of confidence to make me fall short of my goals. At 17 my competitive career ended and I continued my love for the sport by achieving NCCP Level 2 Certification. I coached beginner to Junior ladies skaters for over 15 years. As a coach, I saw that my skaters struggled with the same problems I did, and because we had very little resources, I often spent time off-ice talking them through these issues. I believe my own mindset struggles inspired my education and I chose to study psychology.  

Rebekah was easy to talk to, and she could quickly relate to any problems I was having as a competitive skater and always had a positive attitude and was fun to talk to.

I found learning about positive self-talk, and techniques to stay calm, focused and confident at competition helped me the most!

I enjoyed doing coaching calls over FaceTime because I could have a meeting from the comfort of my home. Also the sessions could be conveniently worked around my busy skating schedule.


Skater, Canada

Specialist in the Field of Human Development

I completed a Masters degree in Developmental Psychology at the University of London, in England in 2005. After completing my degree, I taught at the university and college levels in Psychology and Human Development and worked in positions as a mentor, facilitator, and educator, supporting and empowering individuals and families. After starting a family and staying at home with my two children for 2 years I decided it was time to specialize my studies even more. I studied and became a Certified Life Coach, Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnotherapy.

Through these teachings, I realized if I had this information when I was a young skater I could have made so many more of my skating dreams a reality. It was in that moment that I decided to create a mental training program specifically tailored to skaters and the first 8-week Mind-Body Performance coaching program was born.

Mind-Body Performance Mental Training

I created the Mind-Body Performance training program focused on empowering figure skaters with the tools to achieve peak athletic and life performance. In the beginning, I taught techniques that I knew would have benefited my own skating immensely. Since working with skaters from all over the world including Canada, USA, Italy, Sweden, Mexico and Australia the program has evolved and I now offer group training and an elite program.

Workshops and Training for Skating Clubs

I partner with skating clubs all over the world to offer sport-specific mental training at a low cost to their skaters. Sessions are interactive and fun, with powerpoint teaching, group discussion and worksheets. Skaters will learn skills to optimize goal setting, control competition nerves, break bad habits of popping and circling on jumps, and get in the zone while competing and testing.

What My Clients Are Saying

Rebekah, I would like to thank you again for all the support you provided to my Margaux. The interregional competition last week went well and Margaux was so happy because she was able to achieve the score, with even one point above, to return to the national category! Although she fell on one element, she was able to continue fighting and finished the program and completed all the combos and earned additional points on other elements that compensated for the deduction. She managed to stay focussed until the end! This is also thanks to your work which helped her to build her mental resistance and self-confidence. I look forward to continuing with you next season as she will have to overcome new challenges! Thank you again.
Isabelle Stordeur

Mom, Italy

I have been wanting to tell you what a huge improvement we are seeing in both girls attitudes about themselves and their performance. Their negative attitude toward their shortcomings has virtually disappeared. They are aware they have to continue to work hard to improve their skills but are dealing with it so much more positively and understanding it is temporary and will get better. I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am for the work you are doing with them. Life changing. You are a miracle worker!
Christine Groves

Mom, Canada

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