As competition season is ramping up do you feel COMPETITION READY? Being competition ready is about feeling prepared, trusting your training, and having a PLAN OF ACTION. Here are 7 question to ask yourself the week leading up to competition.

7 Questions

1. What does your on-ice warm-up look like?
2. What does your off-ice warm-up look like?
3. What time are you skating?
4. Where are you in the flight? Do you prefer that spot or not?
5. Have you skated at that rink before?
6. How early do you like to arrive?
7. How would you rate your confidence level on a scale from 1-10? How would you rate your nerves on a scale from 1-10?

Answering these questions requires you to think about the factors that contribute to your performance success. Some of these factors are controllable and others are not. It is important to recognize that you always have control over one thing….your mindset! You can choose to allow external, uncontrollable factors to affect your performance or not. Preparing ahead and creating a PLAN OF ACTION decreases nervousness and increases confidence.


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