If you are a passionate skater you probably fight for every ounce of ice you can get your skates on! Often this means early morning practices, before school, while it is still dark outside, and when you are still half asleep. Your mindset and beliefs about whether you are a morning person or not can really affect your practice. The beauty is that you don’t have to be a slave to your mindset. You created these beliefs and you can change them by using a simple technique called reframing! Reframing shifts the mindset from the negative to the positive.

5 Ways to Reframe “I hate morning ice”!

  1. I love the peaceful quiet of the morning
  2. I can jump and spin without having to maneuver around lots of skaters
  3. I can play my music often
  4. I love how productive I feel after an early morning session
  5. My day is done so much earlier

Repeating these to yourself is a helpful reminder but the most efficient way to evoke real belief change is by listening to a script that highlights these. I use scripts with my skaters that allows them to develop new beliefs more quickly and at the unconscious level.  If you would like to learn more about how scripts  can help, inquire about my private and group coaching.

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Keep your brain in the game

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