if you have been thinking about joining this fantastic group here are 5 more reasons to jump on board!

1.You will learn the best GOAL SETTING TECHNIQUES to get your skaters away from the boards and moving on the ice with MOTIVATION to create more productive, purpose-driven practice! Great practice leads to great performance!

2. You will have first access to ALL the TOOLS, WORKSHEETS, TEMPLATES that I create and use with the skaters I work with privately. I will teach you to use them with your skaters. This includes the newest worksheet I am creating to Eliminate Negative Emotions!

3. You will have the opportunity to CONNECT and ENGAGE IN DISCUSSION with other coaches from ALL OVER THE WORLD!  Past Mastermind groups have had coaches from Canada, USA, Tasmania, and Mexico! The small group allows coaches to feel comfortable sharing and also the chance to brainstorm ways to overcome difficulties facing their skaters specifically.

4. Want to improve COMMUNICATION WITH PARENTS? Can you imagine how much it would benefit EVERYONE if you could all be working together, on the same page, supporting your athlete’s development? You will learn tips and tools to QUICKLY BUILD RAPPORT, STRENGTHEN YOUR RELATIONSHIP and COMMUNICATE CLEARLY AND DIRECTLY with the parents of the skaters you train.
5. Participation in the Coaches’ Mind-Body Mastermind calls could not be easier! Curl up on the couch in your pajamas with a cup of tea and log in to the call from your home computer. Can’t make a call? No problem! you can just watch the replay. Have a a question you need answered in between the calls? Post it on the private Facebook group and receive invaluable feedback from myself, as well as the other coaches.

Message me to reserve your spot!

Until Next Time,

Keep Your Mind in the Game

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