Negative Self-TalkPositive Reframe
I pop and circle on my jumpsI go for it every time 
I can’t do itMy jumps are clean and consistent 
She is better than meI land my jumps with great speed
and flow 
It is so much easier for
her/him than it is for me 
I land my jumps easily and
effortlessly everytime 
I am slowI am powerful 
I can’t do itI am strong 
I am afraid to try thatI am brave 
There are too many skaters
on practice
I enjoy skating with my
I don’t like my bodyMy body is fit and strong
It is taking me too long to get that
I am where I am suppose to be in
my skating journey 
I hate morning iceI love how quiet the ice is
I can’t do anything in my program My spins are fast and well
I am not good enough I did my best on the day
I am going to skate horrible I trust my training
I can’t
I will

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