Your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings create your behaviour. For this reason, the way you practice and perform is directly connected to the thoughts you are telling yourself. If you want to change your behaviour, you need to bring awareness to your thoughts.

Make a list of your negative thoughts then ask yourself, “what could I think instead?” When you answer this question, you create positive reframes that can be used to replace the negative thoughts. Once you create positive reframes, you then use them to re-program your mind. Every time you hear the negative thought, replace it with the positive reframe. Overtime, the negative thought becomes very quiet and the positive reframe becomes the dominate voice inside your head.

Here are a list of 15 negative thoughts and ways to reframe them.

Negative ThoughtsPositive Reframe
I pop and circle on my jumpsI go for it every time 
I can’t do itMy jumps are clean and consistent 
She is better than meI land my jumps with great speed
and flow 
It is so much easier for
her/him than it is for me 
I land my jumps easily and
effortlessly everytime 
I am slowI am powerful 
I can’t do itI am strong 
I am afraid to try thatI am brave 
There are too many skaters
on practice
I enjoy skating with my
I don’t like my bodyMy body is fit and strong
It is taking me too long to get that
I am where I am suppose to be in
my skating journey 
I hate morning iceI love how quiet the ice is
I can’t do anything in my program My spins are fast and well
I am not good enough I did my best on the day
I am going to skate horrible I trust my training
I can’t
I will

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