When it Counts!


When it Counts!

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HI! I’m Rebekah Dixon.

I was a Figure Skater who struggled with perfectionism, competition nerves and confidence. This held me back from achieving my greatest goals as an athlete. I was inspired to use my training and experience to create the Mind-Body Performance Mental Training Program, a one of a kind program focused on strengthening the Figure Skater’s mindset.  It is everything I needed when I was a young skater with big dreams and I know it will work for you!

Mental Training for Clubs

Introduce mental training to the skaters in your club and encourage team building through one of the fun, interactive workshops or group programs.

Mental Training for Skaters

Strengthen your mindset with one of a kind, skater specific mental training programs. Choose from the Gold, Silver or Bronze level training package.

I really enjoyed working with Rebekah as I prepared for this Olympic season, which would also be my final year of competition. She understands the sport of figure skating and she was able to help me conquer some mental challenges that I was struggling with. Whenever I needed her, she was available and willing to help, which made the process very easy.

Thanks to Rebekah, we were able to dig deep and rebuild my mindset and I was able to go to the Olympics with my strongest mental game and succeed in winning a bronze and gold medal.

Meagan Duhamel

Olympic Athlete

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Rebekah Dixon 🙂 You have helped me gain the skills and confidence to perform at my best!

I Highly recommend Rebekah Dixon’s Mind-Body performance coaching to all skaters, having suffered from anxiety let alone performance anxiety I know how much a good mindset has to do with being your best out on the Ice! I have recently passed my senior patterns test and am working on my dream of auditioning for Disney On Ice and other ice shows as well as testing for Junior/Senior programs!

Thank you Rebekah for your constant encouragement and Faith in me as well as friendship! It means a lot.

Lots of love and thanks!

Rachel Belle

Skater, Australia

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